A third-party logistics (3PL) offers outsourced logistics services, we specialize in integrated operations that includes transportation, warehousing and customs services. We will make sure that your cargo will be where you need it to be by using the safest, fastest, most efficient and cost effective shipping method.

Advantages of 3PL

  • Low capital commitment by not needing to invest in warehousing space, technology, transportation and employees to execute the logistics process.
  • Time saving by eliminating the need of worrying about paperwork, billing, training and optimization involved on the logistics process.
  • Flexibility by providing to our costumers a much larger variety of services.
  • Continuously optimization by making custom made adjustments and improvements in your supply chain.
  • Effective manage of communication through a single supplier instead of multiple individuals at different companies.
  • Miscommunication and confusion will be avoided.